Salt Water Fishing


January - March

The Douglas Channel and the immediate waters of our area are frequented by north off-shore winds during this period.  Although the winter fishing for spring salmon is quite good, the sportsman is restricted to remain close to the head of the inlet.  This is due to the possibility that the water does not always remain as calm in winter.  The winter feeding spring salmons range in weight from three to twelve pounds.

March - June

March starts our busy season as the winter northerlies have now swung to southerlies.  The winter spring salmon are now fairly abundant and mixed with the incoming seasonal spring spawners and are heading for some six spawning rivers.  Our spring salmon spawners are adult mature returning fish with a weight range of up to seventy-five pounds.

June - September

During these months our fishing spots are broken up as we are now fishing in the waters adjacent to the spawning rivers of the spring, pink, chum, and coho salmon.  At times our sportsmen will venture anywhere within a 135 km radius of Kitimat’s three marinas.  With the coming of coho salmon, each year around the beginning of July you will find the fishing enthusiast working the outer coast.  As these silver beauties work their way in towards our rivers to spawn, the anglers will do the same.  Pink and chum salmon are basically a commercially caught salmon.  Coho salmon are a very active, hard fighting salmon with a weight range from three to thirty pounds.

September - December

After September and as the weather cools and the winter winds start, we again move into a time when our saltwater sportsmen tend to work the head end of the Douglas Channel for winter spring salmon as our area is one of the west coast’s prime feeding areas.  Jumbo prawn fishing is a nice alternative during most winter months.

Please refer to the current issue of the Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis and the current issue of the British Columbia Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Guide/Freshwater Salmon Supplement prior to any fishing activity and in regards to transporting and exporting fish.