Protected Areas

Protected Area


The Kitlope Heritage Conservancy

The Kitlope Heritage Conservancy is a protected area, over 321,000 hectares of pristine wilderness, protects the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world. This unique rainforest has oldgrowth trees over 800 years old. The Kitlope is located at the head of the Gardner Canal, approximately 120 km southeast of Kitimat, and is home to grizzly and black bears, mountain goats, moose, and a variety of water fowl and birds.

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Jesse Falls

Jesse Falls is 10 m high. It has no Facilities. Attractions include Wildlife Viewing, Hiking, and Fishing.

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Williams Creek Ecological Reserve

Williams Creek Ecological Reserve was established to conserve terraced bogs and representative forests of the Coastal Western Hemlock Zone in north western.

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