Kayakers who venture out into the Douglas Channel are rewarded with stunning scenery, a few wonderful beaches, incredible rock formations, and the chance to see some wildlife, including whales, on occasion.

To fully experience the beauty and majesty of British Columbia’s inland coast, plan a kayaking trip on the Douglas Channel.

Offering incredible scenery, wildlife viewing opportunities and an awe-inspiring serenity, your trip to Kitimat to kayak the channel will be a rewarding one.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, or somewhere in between, you will have many opportunities to enjoy everything the channel has to offer. The Douglas Channel is actually comprised of the main channels of the Douglas and Devastation, with smaller connecting channels that boast a kayakers paradise of calm waters, sheltered coves and landing options. The many creeks, waterfalls and interesting rock formations offer incredible photo opportunities as you record your journey of discovery.

Through its awe-inspiring views await, the Douglas Channel is not for the ill-prepard kayaker. Few landing opportunities exist where the channel is at its widest and roughest. All kayakers need to plan their routes carefully, equip themselves with the required safety gear and register a float plan with someone on land before departure. Through a multi-day trip on the channel is one you will remember for a lifetime, make sure the memories are good ones!



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