Hot Spots


Lower Dike 

Turn left onto the gravel dike road at the Riverlodge Recreation Centre.  Follow this road until you come to the end, then turn right.  This will take you to the river.  The second road is very rough, especially at the beginning and is not recommended for cars.

Pump House Pool 

Take the second turn-off to your left after passing Radley Park heading south.  This dirt road will bring you right to the river.  This is a very popular fishing location. There is also a wheelchair accessible fishing spot in this area.

Fisherman's Trail

Turn right off of Haisla Boulevard just before you come to the Haisla Bridge heading west.  This will take you to the Rod & Gun Club.  Park in the gravel parking lot, and you will find a trail at the north end of the lot.  The first pool is not bad for fishing, but farther along the trail is a large pool near some cliffs.  This pool and the long straight run below it are both good fishing stretches.

Coho Flats 

The trail to Coho Flats begins in a vacant lot on Baxter Street.  There is a sign marked “Trail to Coho Flats”.  Follow this trail for approximately 40 - 50 minutes and you will end up at the river.  The rock bluff to your right as you come to the river is a very popular spot.


Drive north on Highway 37, just past the large snowflake where the power lines cross the highway.  Turn left here and follow the road to the river.  This road can be difficult to travel after heavy rain.  A four wheel drive vehicle is recommended.


Just north of the power lines fishing spot is an old road that turns off to the left.  The entrance to the old road has been dug out, so you must park your car here and follow the road and trail to the river.  It will take about half an hour.

Old Sawmill 

Just north of the Nalbeelah Creek Bridge there is a gravel road on your left.  Follow this road for 500 feet.  It will lead you to the river.

Clay Banks 

Just north of the first washout you will see two roads; one on the left and one on the right of the highway.  Turn left here and follow the road, then walk the old channel down to the river.  It will take about 20 minutes.

18 Mile Hole 

Just south of the 18 mile bridge you will see a large rock jutting out into a good fishing pool.