Area Parks

Area parks

In the Kitimat Valley and Douglas Channel

Created in the last ice age as the glacier scraped and gouged its path between the Kitimat mountain ranges, the Kitimat Valley is one of only two wide flat valleys in British Columbia.

Forestry was and is practised in the valley as the temperate rain forest promotes amazing growth. The spinoff of this activity is the access to the wilderness that the forestry roads allow. There is an abundance of rock climbing opportunities here, as high quality granite is exposed in many areas, thanks to the ice age glaciers that scraped and rounded the mountains. Wetland and rainforest hikes and biking can be found throughout the region where lakes and rivers abound. The largest river, the Skeena, is known for its salmon runs and jet boat access. This river flows through the northern point of the Kitimat Valley at Terrace and continues on to the Pacific Ocean at Prince Rupert.

The Kitimat River, a freestone river of medium size, is known for its abundance of fish. Thanks to the Kitimat River Hatchery, the river produces a fine coho run each year. For those walking along the riverbank, the Kitimat River’s smaller river rock eases the journey. The Kitimat River flows into the Kitimat Valley through the mountains at the central point of the Valley and continues to the sea at the private Port of Kitimat that boasts deep sea access.

At the Valley’s southern most point, where the Valley meets the Douglas Channel you will find Kitimat, designed in the 1950s to house the workers of the new aluminum smelter. Its green space model boasts a network system of walkways used by residents and that afford beautiful vistas of the surrounding Kitimat Mountain Range.


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